Friday 19th of April 2019

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Who are we

    1. Overview :

Jiya Soft is a technology firm that is guided by the principal that technology is only a means for creating and facilitating efficient business processes and practices.

There are two main aspects of the quality: cost and effectiveness. Our philosophy is based on the simple concept that cost has far wider implications than the development cost required to create system, it also includes the cost of maintaining a system which includes replacing or upgrading it when it becomes obsolete or it has limitations and flaws.

Our solutions are focused on making sure that the client is given the most effective solution that costs the least over the lifetime of the system.

Operationally as a company we provide round the clock development and support, which not only includes development but also provide quick turn around solution.

    1. Vision:

To become a blue-chip brand which enjoys instant recall, as the partner of preference for businesses worldwide which are looking to create efficiencies.

  1. Objectives :
    • Create and maintain customer-driven processes, systems, and practices that will ensure that every client is given the optimum solution that surpasses even the client's requirements and expectations.
    • Create and maintain a corporate culture that facilitates and encourages
      • competence
      • focus
      • innovation
      • personality development
      • a total and non-negotiable commitment to values

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